"Guiana is a country that hath yet her maidenhead, never sacked, turned, nor wrought; (…) The graves have not been opened for gold, the mines not broken (…) It hath never been entered by any army of strength, and never conquered or possessed by any Christian prince." -Sir Walter Raleigh, The Discover of Guiana Since 1594, when British colonizer Sir Walter Raleigh wrote this on his search for the golden city of El Dorado, many have sacked the area now encompassed by modern day Guyana. Boxite, Gold and diamonds are just some of the resources extracted in Guyana by foreign entities. It is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere but that soon may change. In 2020 one of the largest discoveries of oil will begin production just off the shore of Guyana. The Exxon Mobile project is estimated to generate $20 billion dollars annually for a country of less than a million people. But if history is a guide corruption and exploitation will benefit the political elite leaving the average Guyanese very much in the same position.